Weighted average: how to calculate the degree mark

Weighted average: how to calculate the degree mark

Weighted average equal degree mark: what average do I need to have to present myself without fear before the commission?

Let’s clarify how to calculate the weighted average:

If you are looking for how the weighted average is calculated, it means that you are very (hopefully!) Close to graduation. First of all, wishes!

Now here’s what you need to do to calculate the graduation grade.

To calculate the basic degree mark, it is necessary to calculate your weighted goal, ie the average of the marks based on the number of credits for each exam.

It is necessary to multiply each vote (by thirty) for the number of credits required for the corresponding exam; all the values thus obtained are added together and then divided by the total number of credits accrued. I advise you not to do all these calculations in mind, it’s very easy to make mistakes because of all the data, so I recommend you calculator in hand!

As an example, the formula for the weighted average of two exams is the following:

Weighted average = (exam grade1 x exam credit1) + (exam score2 x exam credit2) / total number of credits

And how is the graduation grade calculated?

Degree average: how to calculate it

The degree average, which is obtained by multiplying the weighted average by 110 and dividing the result by 30.

Here is the formula for calculating the graduation grade:

Degree average = (weighted average x 110) / 30

This average, normalized to two decimals, is shown on the “graduation mark” and is the starting point for assessments by the members of the Degree Commission.

The Degree Commission, for the purpose of determining the final grade, adds points (typically from 3 to 9) in relation to some rules that vary according to the university. Usually the students who are currently graduating, the ex-Erasmus students and those who obviously produce a good final dissertation receive greater recognition.

In any case, there are 3 fundamental elements to consider in addition to the weighted average: a good average, an interesting thesis and a clear exposition of the thesis also through a powerpoint presentation.