Writing the thesis abroad: how to do it?

Would you like to write your thesis abroad because your paper is in a foreign language or is it a topic that also involves other countries?

You will need to pack your suitcase, laptop and air ticket, ready to face a couple of months where your degree thesis requires it! Very easy to say, isn’t it? Well, if necessary, writing the thesis abroad is not as difficult as one might think.

Deciding to do a thesis abroad can be the last chance to make an international experience that can enrich you in many ways; above all, it can enrich your thesis.

The thesis already represents, in itself for itself, the maximum moment of maturity of a cycle of studies. Wanting to do a great job is legitimate, especially if you have major projects for your thesis, like a publication or use it as a business card for the future. Even more so if you have an experimental thesis in your hands and you find yourself finishing your specialist studies, the thesis abroad can be an excellent card to play. It will enrich you and your material.

The greatest effort that is required in situations like this is patience and, above all, timing, as well as a good dose of will and commitment. It is certainly not a prize in advance to prepare one’s thesis abroad; indeed, take it as a major effort. If you know how to make the most of this possibility, you will gain not only for the degree grade but also for the post-graduate degree.

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Scholarships for the thesis abroad

As often happens on these occasions, what then goes to slow down a student is timing.

You have to be very fast and fast, but above all careful, to everything that is published on the boards of your departments. The calls for scholarships abroad for the thesis are published right there, but we often go on to remember them too late. Read up on when the first calls for bids begin – generally in the late spring months – and start speculating when you can graduate. From that moment on, start your thesis request abroad, obviously after having communicated your choice to the speaker and co-rapporteur. One more tip never hurts!

Most universities offer a certain number of scholarships, which allow them to cover part of the expenses necessary for their stay abroad. The value of the scholarship, terms of registration and documentation varies, from university to university, so you should double-open your eyes.

The purposes of the scholarship

The scholarships are studied not only to allow the student to carry out all the preliminary work and writing of the thesis abroad, but also to get in touch with different working and cultural realities that can be very useful outside the university environment.

This training is carried out at institutions, organizations, companies, foreign or EU companies, or supra-national or international institutions of an adequate scientific and cultural level, thus allowing them to become familiar with a reality that can be potentially adopted after graduation.

Generally a minimum period of two months and a maximum of six consecutive months is required to be carried out abroad, but this aspect varies from university to university. It is important to be regularly enrolled and with all the study plan in order, otherwise you risk not getting the scholarship and having further delays on the degree.

Arm yourself with pen, forms and certificates, and good luck!

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